Rachel Raphael


I have always been interested in understanding what makes people behave in a certain way and how behaviour can be influenced to develop transformational ideas. 

As I have developed as a marketer, from my time marketing films across Europe, to running a BTL agency in Sydney, I have learnt some invaluable lessons that have helped me grow both personally and professionally.


Having lived and worked in various cities around the world, I recognise the importance of leaving one’s comfort zone. With each move I have been challenged to think and behave differently, shaping my understanding and approach.


Most importantly of all, I have come to realise and appreciate the importance of collaboration, that seeking counsel at the right time with the right people is a powerful tool in fostering growth and facilitating change.


I am a creative and commercial leader, known for my confident and collaborative working style to make things happen. I have led and accelerated growth through my career as both Agency lead and consultant.


I have spent the last 20 years successfully developing comms strategies that created value and financial impact for a wide range of Global 100 brands including Disney, Smirnoff, Jack Daniels, Coca-Cola, Vodafone, and LG. I have worked with both independent agencies as well as some of the biggest networks in the world. 

Most recently, I have helped grow an agency 10% year-on-year and worked with a business owner to boost their new business success rate to 90%, growing profits exponentially.

"If you're looking for a person to drive business growth in any category, Rachel should be your number one. She has a knack for looking at your business objectively and providing strctured solutions with a quick turn around"

Maz Cohen

Insights & Strategy

Momentum Worldwide



"Rachel is an inspiring business leader"      


Caroline Barker

Business Development Director




"As a Planner, you come across 2 types of Account people...those that flannel and those that do. 

I loved working with Rachel - she's a do'er. 
Her "get to the point" approach means I wasted little or no time...she was always really clear what she needed from me. 
And she’s great with clients - always has the bigger picture, great work and their interests foremost"


Clients love her and so do her teams. 



Ben Leonard

Director at  Brand Edge