I specialise in creating time for MD's and Exec teams by taking over operations in the post account/project win period. By providing senior support during this critical period, I am able to give back valuable billable time to you and the broader team.


Most new wins are characterised by increased workload; a burden on junior staff that will be transitioning on to the business and a distraction for the exec team. This disruption may ultimately move the focus away from existing clients.


The time period in which new clients are won creates the greatest risk to an organisation’s existing clients. I have therefore created a service to bridge this initial disruption.


My business provides two different packages designed to support your business during “client on-boarding” -


‘100 hour’ package based on a 4-6 week period


‘300 hour’ package based on an 8-10 week period


I provide critical support to ensure that the new client’s first 100 days with the agency is effective and efficient while ensuring that the relationship with existing clients remains strong. Above all, my appointment will allow an exec team to maintain their focus on continual business development. I will give them back valuable time and in turn maximise financial return.