what is an insight?

Writing effective creative briefs & strategies is extremely difficult but nail a compelling insight and you’re going to make the job a whole lot easier!

First of all Identify your audience - if you don't know who your audience is then you won't be able to identify a relevant and compelling insight.

The insights process helps us focus on our audiences’ motivations, needs and beliefs. A good question to ask yourself to help generate an insight is; WHY does your audience behave the way they do? (NB: not all insights are consumer insights - e.g. they can relate to customers and competitors). Keep asking yourself ‘why’ of each successive piece of information you list to get a real understanding of WHY consumers believe what/behave as they do.

Write ONE key consumer insight that is relevant to the brand and issue - A list of facts about your audience is not an insight. (Information is the ‘what’, Insight is the ‘why’). To help me write an insight I often use one of the following words - Consumers 'need', consumers 'want' or consumers 'believe'......

Always use others to help refine the wording.

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