How to find out what your client values, so you can help them deliver it. It may not be what you thi

In order to find out what your client values you need to understand their concerns, desires and fears. Here’s a few ways you can do that:

  • Build up meaningful relationships with your clients, become more than a ‘service provider’, become a trusted confidante & demonstrate you have a real interest in their business. (This means picking up the phone and having face-to-face meetings – don’t hide behind email).

  • Whether your relationship is new or old ask them “what is keeping you awake at night?” Find out what pressure they are currently under.

  • Ask them what their priorities are for that quarter - is it saving money, is it project delivery... It might not be something directly relating to your agency, but you could still offer to help (you may even get an additional brief out of it!)

  • Ask what types of information/skills/activities adds value to their business

  • When you send over a report, a trend, and a piece of work – ask them – “was that useful?

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