Maximise your revenue streams

Maximise your revenue streams within the contractual parameters that have been agreed between agency and client.

1) Cross - sell services (that are still within your remit e.g. "shopper" could encompass experiential and POS).

2) Identify how to work smarter (less hours, same output, same fee - look at time sheets!)

3) Identify additional funds. In particular, end of financial year there may be funds that need to be used up. Present proactive ideas to ensure any excess budget go to your team (and not another agency).

4) Say no to hour’s cuts, too easy as an account handler to be a ‘client pleaser’ over defending the agency.

5) Use your agency specialist resource, account handlers are not skilled negotiators or accountants – you have the support in house, exploit it.

6) Think about incentives over your base fee, share in the reward with the client – put some fee at risk for a bigger upside. Believe your work will make a difference to the client, back it. I.e. we’ll put 20% of fee (or your profit) at risk, but we want the chance to earn 40% upside if we hit all the agreed KPIs (qualitative, quantitative, brand awareness measures).

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