2016 Trends – Part one – Agency and marketing trends

2016 Trends – Part one – Agency and marketing trends

If you know where your industry is heading, you can then work out how you’re going to help shape your agency and client business. Below is some curated content that predicts agency and marketing trends.

The first article is by digiday. It succinctly sums up the future of agencies. One of the main points that resonated with me was “To attract top talent, agencies will need to change from being closed systems selling solutions to open systems that help clients define the right marketing questions and find the best talent to answer them.”


Always think about the question that is being asked, not just the solution. Is the right question being asked by the client, is there another question that should also be asked to help them grow?

Another interesting article worth a read is from the Guardian. It takes a look at six big trends that will shape the year for brands and agencies


For me one of the most interesting of points is “We will see a more aggressive focus on digital transformation within both agency and client organisations.” Perhaps think about your own skill set and understanding of technology. Do you need to get more experience or greater understanding of this area? Now is the time to fully immerse yourself in the “post-digital marketing world”. Also have a think about the implications of the quote from Sarah Todd “To succeed, brands must figure out how to stand out from the crowd by delivering more value in the “on the go” moment.”

To help us stay ahead of the marketing trends in 2016, Microsoft and Column Five created this handy infographic :


In summary, Marketing in 2016 is becoming more localised and more personalised. It’s about tech and the role it will play within the lives of our consumers. Think about how your agency is set up to deliver creative solutions around this and how your skill set and experience is developing in line with all the trends outlined in this blog.

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