Top tips to being a successful line manager

For some, managing people is an enjoyable, natural progression in their careers. For others it is uncomfortable or even daunting. Regardless of how you feel about it, there are some easy wins when it comes to managing and developing talent. Here are my 5 top tips -

  1. Ask your direct report(s) how they liked to be managed. People will respond differently to your style so be sure to have an understanding of how you need to adapt it to get the best out of your team members.

  2. Understand what motivates them.

  3. Have regular 1-2-1s AND ‘check ins’. Its just as important to ask ‘how are you?” than it is to ask about the progression of projects.

  4. Provide regular feedback. Nothing at a review should be a surprise for a direct report.

  5. Take a step back and think about your internal profile now that you are a line manager. For example, is it still appropriate to be the last person propping up the bar at after work drinks?

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